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Social Media Time

Social Media Time

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Social Media

Social Media

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Photo of Lucy with laptop

Photo of Lucy with laptop


What is Your Most Successful Social Media Network?

Sandy's TwitterThis question is one that I have wanted to ask for quite some time to those in the writing, blogging, social media, and content marketing areas. Why? Well, the social media scene continues to evolve constantly. Aside from newer networks popping up over time, those who were the “leaders” are now sharing the spotlight with newcomers.

Being in the industry myself; I was curious what others thought and luckily I finally found a venue in which to ask this question! I recently conducted an interview on MyBlogU where I asked several specific questions surrounding this main topic.

So, what did the experts have to say during the interview? Well, they provided some great information – the answers are both interesting and telling! Take a look for yourself…

What is your single most successful Social Media Network and why?

Questions we discussed:

Q. There are many social media networks out there – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. From all of those commonly used, which ONE would you consider to be the most successful for you and why?

A. Sarah Arrow(Content Creation Expert)

Twitter. I joined Twitter in 2008, and over the years despite having a relatively small following (13,000), it’s the social media network that’s generated me the most leads and business. It’s enabled me to connect with some incredibly interesting people, and to stay in touch with friends and family. It’s also enabled me to connect with journalists and generate positive PR for my businesses.

It’s also taught me how to write concisely. 140 characters doesn’t always give you enough space to say what you want to :)

A. Sourav Saha(Web Consultant at Blogaholic)

Yes it’s true there are so many social media networking sites out there, to be honest I don’t use all. Even though I signed up for a social media networking site sometimes I totally forget about it until unless I get an auto generated email from them :)

Okay let’s get down to business among all I prefer StumbleUpon…why? Because it sends me a ton of traffic and generates a huge number of social shares.

A. David Trounce(Generating Sales Through a Single Channel – Twitter)

GFE Sport reviews the online sports ticket industry and provides event information for travellers.

The income is generated by Ticket Sales at major Ticket Distributor sites like Viagogo.

Being a highly competitive niche, short of a 6 foot long tail keyword,  the chances of GFE Sport ranking for “Football Tickets” is slim.

Though the pages are optimised and we market across all media, we have one gun that works – and works well: Twitter.

We figured that since all sports celebrities hang out there, so would their fans. Nearly all of our sales come through Twitter engagement using a timed and targeted Marketing strategy via Buffer and Hootsuite. Is GFE Sport making money? Yes.

The social media marketing strategy is simple and has proved effective over the last 6 months since we began work on the project.

A. BethSEGreen(Curator of Sustainable News )

Twitter, by far, is where the action is. It’s instaneous. It’s gratifying. And…if you have something to say people will find you and hear you. I have over double the followers and activity on Twitter compared to the other Social Media Accounts I use. Movers, shakers and news makers are on Twitter using it to spread their passions. I would willingly give up Facebook to keep Twitter.

A. socialwebcafe(What Works for Me for Social Sharing)

This is a common answer, but it really depends on your business objective and target audience.  Defining the target audience is one of the key first steps and that goes hand-in-hand with relevance of that target audience as it relates to your business objective.  For me, I have several properties/businesses.  In my music career, Reverbnation (which probably isn’t necessarily a social network, but a hub network and community) is my most successful.  For Social Web Cafe, it is G+ and definitely Twitter for the #SocialCafe Twitter Chats.

A. Philtrate( . .)

I am a relationship guy (after all I do work with Ann Smarty). I have found the best way to develop relationships is to comment on blog posts and in forums. Yes, I use Twitter, G+ and FB, but have found that none of these is parrticularly efficient if I want to develop relationships

A. Preston(Most Successful for my business)

I would think for me that I am in B2B that the most successful one would have to be Google +. I know this may not be the popular opinon but the reason I like it and spend a lot of time there is because of the awesome communities I am part of. Also because very successful busines people are on this platform and willing to share their advice on how to run a business. You get to see them “Live”and partipate and be even invited into these HOA’s. Yes, at first it is unerving to see your face on live streaming and then afterwards but this is the best education I have been able to receive and most of it is a no cost except my time. The engagement people I would have never met are over there and I get business as well over time as I develop relationships which is Key. NO SPAMMERS allowed.

Q. What determines your success on this social media network? Is it Likes, number of Followers, amount of interaction, number of shares, or something else?

A. Sarah Arrow(Content Creation Expert)

I think it’s the willingness to start a conversation or take part in someone else’s conversation. Shares and followers will fluctuate but actively making an effort to talk to people really pays off. I recently connected with someone who’d followed me on Twitter for 5 years, and we had a great chat and are going to work together on a mutually beneficial project. That stems from talking to people regardless of how many followers they have, the number of shares or even their Klout score.

A. Sourav Saha(Web COnsultant at Blogaholic)

My success on this social media network isn’t likes or followers. But it’s definitely amount of interaction, number of shares, goal conversions & the amount of incoming traffic through StumbleUpon.

A simple look into your Google Analytics referral traffic helps a lot to answer this question (I have written an post on this which kinda goes with this question which you can find it here.) Also if you are using buffer as Facebook Insights, Pinterest Analytics & “The New Twitter” solves the problem.

A. BethSEGreen(Curator of Sustainable News )

What means the most to me is the number of retweets and click-throughs. Retweets spread the word to new audiences and potential new followers. The click-throughs drive traffic back to the website which hopefully adds to shares and tweets. The number of followers I have helps me with other tweeters. I have an above average number and so people think I am follow-worthy, but I prefer multiple retweets over multiple followers because that means what I am tweeting has value.

A. socialwebcafe(What Works for Me for Social Sharing)

For me, I like to build releationships, so the measure of success is really a matter of engagement.  Another measure is to see how far that engagement travels into other networks and including tools like Skype.  Truly, those people with whom I have the most engagement are connected on several networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and it is that engagement that has proven to be the most personally rewarding and helpful in the area of branding, as well :)

A. Philtrate( . .)

I measure success by the number of real people who I have conversations with as a result. Sometimes those conversations are on email, sometimes Google chat and sometimes on a Hangout. If I hear from someone who is referred by one of my new contacts I am over the Moon.

A. Preston(Most Successful for my business)

Well being on G+ – I don’t believe it is numbers, however that does help. I think the quality of people that are working within the platform is my measure of success. The interaction on Some HOA’s are fantastic and again you learn so much plus you can meet other “like minded ” individuals and strike up a conversation afterwards or at a different time.

Q. With 1 being the most successful, please list your top 5 successful social media networks in order of success.

A. Sarah Arrow(Content Creation Expert)


2. Google Plus

3. Facebook

4. Linkedin

5. Friendfeed

Although I’m active on my personal Facebook page, and have a thriving group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/freekindlebookclub) I don’t really do a lot of business through Facebook, and the conversations are much better on Twitter and Google Plus. I’d like to do more with LinkedIn, and I have an active group there, and may be with LinkedIn Publisher I get be active there. Only time will tell if the conversations are as good as Twitter or Google Plus.

A. Sourav Saha(Web COnsultant at Blogaholic)

It goes like this:

1. StumbleUpon (Most engaging, most conversions and sends most traffic)

2. Twitter (2nd most engaging, most conversions sends most traffic)

3. Pinterest (3rd most engaging, most conversions and sends most traffic)

4. Facebook (4th most engaging, most conversions and sends most traffic)

4. Google+ (5th most engaging and sends most traffic)

Follower by LinkedIn

A. BethSEGreen(Curator of Sustainable News )

Number one is Twitter. It’s where I go when I am bored or waiting on folks. It’s a great plaform for smartphones. Number two is LinkedIn. I really like leveraging the groups to share articles. Number three is Facebook. Souhteast Green is a business news site so Facebook isn’t really where the website needs to be. However, we do use it for pictures. It’s a great application for sharing pictures. Number four is Pinterest. Once again we are business oriented so it is not a great fit for us. However, we love using it, so we try to promote our articles there. Number five is Google +. We post every article on the Southeast Green website there. We believe it helps with Google search.

A. socialwebcafe(What Works for Me for Social Sharing)

1.  Google+/YouTube

2.  Twitter

3.  Facebook

4.  Pinterest

5.  LinkedIn

It is difficult to rank the first three because they generally switch around, from week to week.  The key is consistency at all of the social networks (which even I struggle with during those heavy campaign or content production periods!).

A. Philtrate( . .)

  1. Blog post commenting – By far the most productive way to develop relationships
  2. Forum commenting – This is the only other avenue that has led to relationships
  3. Hangouts – I have made contacts I value through Google Hangouts. These people I would count as friends, but there are not many of them
  4. Twitter – I have had tweets retweeted but never made any real contacts through Twitter
  5. Facebook – I mostly keep FB for family, but have some business contacts on here as well

A. Preston(Most Successful for my business)

Linked-In- Mostly Groups ( Moderated ones) – Find like minded individuals and then set up time to go over introductions with each other.

Empire Avenue- maybe not even on your list? A great way to invest and learn from others what people do. Great concept.

Smash Solutions 101 – A new type of social media network with many different aspects to help meet others and be able to use online web-based tools that you pay a lot of revenue all in one location.

Pinterest- Because of the boards and repins

Twitter- Because you can get live interactions if you know how to follow the 140 character limit and don’t get overwhelmed by the massive amount of feeds that come into your account.

Facebook- only for certain resons, not for business in most cases.

Q. Knowing which social media networks are not as successful as others for you, do you take steps to increase activity on the those lower on the list? If so, what measures do you take? Or, do you concentrate mostly on the one that has brought you the most success?

A. Sarah Arrow(Content Creation Expert)

I do “over compensate” by doing more on Facebook and LinkedIn even though the results are poorer. Back in January I decided Facebook wasn’t doing anything for me at all, so I removed the Facebook sharing buttons from my blog. And now instead of getting 6 or 7 likes per post I get between 20 and 30. Given that a post gets around 100+ tweets, I think I should be spending more time on Twitter than trying to make Facebook work for me.

A. Sourav Saha(Web COnsultant at Blogaholic)

Before getting into how to increasing my activity on less successful social media networks for me first I think I need to determine which social media networks I really need to be. As there are various social media networks they can be used as different modes of marketing or categorizing target audience such as business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). As an example Facebook, Twitter, Google+ mostly used for B2C clients and LinkedIn for B2B (though LinkedIn can be a great influencer outreaching tool). Pinterest is mostly used by women. So determining where my target audience is residing (Google Analytics audience demographics can help if I miss out something on this).

After I’m through with this I have to dig reports to determine what’s gone wrong & why? Followed by testing analyzing improving and further testing,

A. BethSEGreen(Curator of Sustainable News )

We have spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to be creative. That’s the one place we have spent time trying to boost presence and response. With Facebook constantly changing the rules in regards to walls and newsfeeds. We have basically abandoned Facebook to try to build a larger presence. We still post and share but that is not where we spend significant time.

A. socialwebcafe(What Works for Me for Social Sharing)

I am always looking for ways to effectively incorporate the lesser-used networks.  And, even when I “fully” incorporate a lesser-used network, I am not done.  There are always ways to improve your effectiveness even in your top network.  Life is about learning and about growing your skills.  Even if you are at the top of your game, there is room to grow.  So, yes, I take steps to increase activity on networks lower in my list.

A. Philtrate( . .)

I read 80/20 Sales and Marketing recently and Perry Marshall makes a lot of sense. 20% of your effort gives you 80% of your results. I therefore devote more effort to blog post commenting and forum interactions because they work for me; I also enjoy these social media channels infinitely more than Twitter and Google+

A. Preston(Most Successful for my business)

Twitter and Facebook _ yes- I am trying to set some time to figure out how as a B2B business this can be used to create more business or awareness of what I do.

The issue with twitter, is the movement of information is so quick. You really have to understand how to type in 140 characters which for me is not easy to do as you can see. The other issue is to be able to have a real conversation again in 140 characters is very tough to do. But I still create content from other postings to see interaction happens. Does not happen that quick becuase I probably don’t have enough followers like i used to on my old account that I can’t get access to anymore cause I have no idea what my email was when I first started.. Which is a problem when they can’ give it to you either.

The issue with Facebook is that if you have a bunch of friends many of them don’t like to talk about business, just personal things.. Which is fine to certain point, but since they went public and said if you don’t advertise your pages are not going to get exposure from your current fans, that was a huge mistake.

Q. What one thing do you dislike the most and would improve if you could about the ONE social media network that has brought you the most success?

A. Sarah Arrow(Content Creation Expert)

I do “over compensate” by doing more on Facebook and LinkedIn even though the results are poorer. Back in January I decided Facebook wasn’t doing anything for me at all, so I removed the Facebook sharing buttons from my blog. And now instead of getting 6 or 7 likes per post I get between 20 and 30. Given that a post gets around 100+ tweets, I think I should be spending more time on Twitter than trying to make Facebook work for me.

A. BethSEGreen(Curator of Sustainable News )

We use HootSuite to make Twitter make sense. If I could have multiple panes on the actual Twitter account that would improve user experience immensely, at least on the laptop, desktop and tablets. I am very happy with the Twitter app for my smartphone. In fact my Twitter app allows me to manage multipe accounts from one login. I love that feature!

A. socialwebcafe(What Works for Me for Social Sharing)

That is a difficult question.  My education (and philosophy on life) includes an approach of positive psychology and learning to adapt even in a non-ideal situation.  So, in positive psychology, you look at what is working well and enhance and grow that area.  Similar to the approach of serendipity, I approach the social networks in a manner of accepting even those things that are less than ideal.  Then, I look for ways to exceed beyond the limitation.

One example is when Pinterest took away the ability to tweet a pin.  That really saddened me, but I went out and found a way around it by creating a recipe on IFTTT.  The recipe I came up with would read my Pinterest RSS feed and automatically tweet my pins.  I then shared how I did that with the audience of Karen Woodham’s blazingminds.co.uk so that others, too, could find a way around the limitation.

A. Philtrate( . .)

Blog post commenting is time consuming and cannot be outsourced. I can see no way around this because the reason I do it is to build relationships. It’s like having a girlfriend, you have to kiss her yourself and talk to her yourself, you cannot delegate those parts of the realationship-building process, besides which, I enjoy doing both (gf and blog commenting) myself

A. Preston(Most Successful for my business)

What I dislike the most about G+ is that they are still marketing to the general public. I believe they need to cater to small business because that is where at least I see the most value. I do think they are on the right track, but I do believe they need to emphasize how important it is to get on HOA as a business. How important it is to be able to connect one on one with a potential customer, client.

The above Interview is courtesy of the experts at MyBlogU. Thank you all for such great input!


If you are interested in conducting an Interview like I did, check out MyBlogU. This is a terrific community where writers, bloggers, marketers, social media experts, and the like come together. Interviews are perfect for getting questions answered from those in the industry. Other areas of the site such as Brainstorm, Media, and the Forum allow members to collaborate with others, get ideas, share information, and so much more!

6 Handy Social Media Extensions for Chrome

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Buffer Extension Screen Shot

Buffer Extension Screen Shot

It’s Time to Make Time for Google+

I, probably like many people, was not wowed by the introduction of Google+. As a matter of fact, I think I remember reading and hearing that it was going to bomb. Well, whoever thought that was right; however, in a different context. It did not bomb in the sense of an unsuccessful crash and burn. It bombed in the sense of exploding to become the second most popular social media networking site; now with 359 million active users.

My Google+ Page

My Google+ Page

I have been reading more and more about the rising popularity of Google+ from various sources. This week Forbes.com stated that Google+ will become a huge factor in 2014. The article goes on to state, “…Google+ should no longer be thought of as ‘just’ another social network. It’s increasingly proving itself to be an integral part of Google’s grand scheme in terms of SEO, social signals and providing a more personalized search experience.”

According to Jeff Bullas blog, Google+ has the largest amount of monthly visits. “Google+ has very large numbers of visits per month at 1,203 million. This has a lot to do with activity generated by visits to Google services (read Gmail) that is counted as a Google+ visit. Facebook visits are 809 million and Twitter had 416 million.”

So, I have no choice now but to become more active on Google+. It is not a chore, but rather refreshing to me. I enjoy browsing through my Home to see what people in my Circles are posting. Sharing, +1-ing, commenting are all extremely simple. I also really like the new format that was introduced a few months ago and have become very much used to it. I think we all know that using Google+ is easy to use.

Regarding a few other features; I have not used the Hangout feature yet, but I do belong to a few Communities that are pretty active. Creating a business page is also a breeze and switching between a business and personal page is simple. Yes again, I think we all know this is an easy social platform.

Comparing my own marketing efforts on Google+ as compared to Facebook; I believe that it works better for me. I do receive responses to my blogs and articles on other sites, and those numbers are growing. In comparison to Facebook, I have three times as many people in my network on Google+ than my Facebook fan page.

My Daughter's Mom on Google+

My Daughter’s Mom on Google+

With the addition of keywords/hashtags, Google+ is staying consistent with Twitter and Facebook which is a bonus. Another thing that Google+ offers that other top social networking sites do not is post formatting. This is something I was unaware of until I read an article on Reviewz N Tips about a few mistakes people make when posting to Google+.

So, maybe Google+ was slow out of the gate. Maybe people resisted it for various reasons. I know that I did resist in making it higher on my list of social sites, but not any longer. It is time for me to embrace Google+ and give it some attention for content marketing and personal use.

What about you? What are your thoughts on Google+? Have you changed any opinions you have had on it? Are you using it, and if so, using it more now? Share your thoughts!

Make the Most of Your Time: Writing and Social Media Marketing

It can be so hard to juggle a full-time job outside of the home, taking care of children, keeping up with housework and errands, and still working in family-time as it is these days.  But, when you add in time to write AND market that writing, time gets spread thin very quickly.

I make time to write on the weekends and it has worked out the best so far for me personally…it is much better than trying to do it after a full, stressful day in the office while trying to prep for dinner and spend some time with my family – all before bed.

The marketing piece is what I struggled with for a while.  When I first started marketing my writing using social media, I had no idea how much time that part could really consume!  I was networking with many writers, which was and still is a necessary piece, and also using social media sites to promote my brand (myself).  Again, this is extremely important to get yourself “out there”.  But, it was consuming so much of my time – daily – that I just knew there had to be a better way!

I finally figured out that I needed to organize and prioritize; when it came to social media marketing.  I came to a solution that has been successful for me:

  1. Dedicate time: I take the time between getting home from work & settled and dinner as my marketing time.  This gives me about 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  2. Join online groups: I joined a couple of online groups, but one in particular dedicates one day per week to a different social media site.  Writers assist each other in cross-promoting their sites, blogs, articles, stories, etc.
  3. Prioritize based on results: I prioritize which sites I participate in by day concentrating on those that provide the best results.
  4. Dedicate days: I participate in that group using only the certain days of the week where my chosen sites are assigned.  For example, Tuesdays are for Facebook Fan or Personal Pages.
  5. Participate when it works: Due to the way I prioritize my social media sites, those that give me the most “bang for my buck”, I decided to dedicate 3 days per week minimum for marketing.  Sometimes if I get some extra free time I may do 4, but at minimum I stick with 3 days.

Using this strategy allows me to plan my week easier.  I know that 3 days per week I am booked for a little while after work with marketing (it ends up being every other day, which works for me).  It is on those days that another member of the house may make dinner, which then allows me even more time!

Some evenings I may catch up on posts for those social media sites if I have a little time to myself, but for the most part my work is done and I am thankful for family-time.

Not everything works for everyone – this is just my strategy.  So far it works and I am sticking with it!