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2 quick one-player mobile games

Waiting in line at the grocery store or on a break at work, these two great one-player games will help pass the time and keep you entertained. Check out what they are on Examiner.com >>


One-player mobile games


2 fun two-player mobile games

If you enjoy playing games with others and taking turns for a quick round on a short break, then these two games are perfect for you! They are both available for Android and iOS, on phones and tablets. Read about them on Examiner.com >>

Word Chums Board screen shot

Word Chums Board screen shot

Great Social Media, Marketing, or Blog Planning Apps

Every mobile device has some sort of built-in calendar application and some have built-in task lists as well. Some of those are good and some are just okay. When it comes to really keeping track of tasks, events, and appointments that are crucial to your business or marketing plan, you need an app or combination of apps that you can rely on. Read about a few great apps on Social Media Sun >>

Trello on iPad

Trello on iPad

3 Ways to Help Your Blog or Site Be Mobile-Ready

These days more people are reading articles, news, magazines, and blogs on their mobile devices. Please remember that no matter where your readers are enjoying your work, you want to make it as easy as possible for them. Otherwise, you could be sending them to another Web site. So, when you are writing your blogs or other pieces do you keep mobile in mind? If not, here are a few things to remember.

sxc.hu, stock.xchng, Kolobsek, http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1398490

Mobile device by: sxc.hu, stock.xchng, Kolobsek, http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1398490

(This article will not discuss the actual Web page development or technical side of page rendering.)

  1. Limit Multiple Pages: If you have a lengthy article and the site on which you are publishing uses the page number or “next” links, try to shorten your article or break it into separate pieces. When viewing numbered or “next” links on a smart phone or tablet they can appear very small. Although readers can increase their screen size, you really do not want to inconvenience them. Making your articles as accessible as possible to your readers increases your chances of them not only staying on your page, but also subscribing or following your future works.
  2. Check Your URLs: Linking outside of your article for pertinent information is common and a helpful way to establish credibility. However, when you are adding URLs for other sites are you double-checking those URLs on a mobile device? Are the pages or sites that you are sending your readers to mobile-ready as well? If not, you might want to reconsider your sources.
  3. Page Load Times: Page load times are not only important when publishing on the Web, but even more so on mobile. “On a mobile phone, a Web page takes a leisurely nine seconds to load, according to Google…”, as stated in a New York Times article. In comparison the article also states, “Download times on personal computers average about six seconds worldwide, and about 3.5 seconds on average in the United States.” With mobile page load times already almost three times the U.S. average, it is important to limit images, scripts, Flash, and other items that can cause page load times to lag.

Finally, as you check your articles, Web pages and Web sites on different browsers; take the time to check them on a smart phone and tablet as well. It could mean the difference between keeping a reader and losing one.

* This article was originally posted on Full of Knowledge, March 2013.

3 free pet owner Android apps

There are countless pet owners across the world, so the lack of free Android pet owner apps available is disappointing. Pet owners look for helpful apps on everything from pet supplies to training advice to diet information to local emergency services to record keeping.  Read article on Examiner.com >>

Lucy with her blanket and toy

Lucy with her blanket and toy

3 free, easy ways to customize your Android device

One of the best features of Android is the ability to customize. From sounds to backgrounds to widgets, Android users can mix, match and multiply their personalization options.  View the list on Examiner.com >>

Web-based mobile device emulators

Creating websites, pages or content means that reviewing those pages on mobile devices should be the norm. More people are viewing the Internet on mobile devices than ever before. Purchasing additional devices, paying for software or subscriptions, or downloading additional applications is not always convenient or cost-effective for the average user.  Read article on Examiner.com >>

4 ways to save space on your iPad

IPad users may not realize just how space is used by items that have been downloaded. For those using a 16 GB iPad, space may become an issue quicker than expected. Even for those with larger capacity iPads it can become a problem…  Here are a few ways to save some space.  Read article on Examiner.com >>